OK, fuck all people who leave kids in cars

How many kids have to fucking die after you leave them in the car in the fucking summer? Sorry to be using the sailor mouth but the punishment for this should be fucking death. Not to mention I am expecting an explosion of Christian anti gay rants on my facebook page because the foster parents are both guys. Fuck you… » 7/25/14 3:44pm Friday 3:44pm

Spotted a drone over the highway... (?)

This shit is freaking me out. There was a drone over 95 southbound this morning, I blew by going over the limit and it dipped into the woods. Spotted one cop a little further up with someone pulled over, but seriously, I didn't think they were approved for traffic enforcement use. Or some prick is looking to cause an… » 7/25/14 8:44am Friday 8:44am

Maine, land of vanity plates, volume 3

As seen here and here, we have some interesting plates in the great state of Maine. Here is todays gem on a 540i wagon. Am I to read this as Fuck The World, and You Too? Also found a Trabant randomly in someones garage, and a Crosley, so you know I had to stop. Sorry for the potato filter on that shot » 7/24/14 4:25pm Thursday 4:25pm

Wish me all the luck today OPPO...

Going to go buy this house with my dad today. Going to eventually be a camp for me, and a 4 month a year place to stay for my pops and stepmom, so they can be closer to the grandkids in retirement. I will be trading in my 15 minute commute for a 1.5 hour commute for the next 2 years while I gut it and restore it for… » 7/23/14 8:46am Wednesday 8:46am