Why quitting smoking is good for your car

So I am still craving cigarettes bad, have been on the e-cig train to curb my enthusiasm for the real deal. I think in writing this post I am convincing myself to not give in late in the game. I have smoked a few "analog" cigs but it really is nasty. So here it is. All the benefits your car and those around it reap by… » 10/22/14 2:43pm Wednesday 2:43pm

Get Out of My State, Disrespectful Hippies

Now I am all about an alternate lifestyle. Hell I even wrote a handy guide on how to live in your car while respecting people around you, but this is too damn much. I cannot stand the wanton disregard for safety, any sort of law, and the amount of freeloading displayed here. Lets take a look and see how badly this… » 10/22/14 9:32am Wednesday 9:32am